Immigration is central to the growth and identity of the Hispanic population. Almost all of the project's research, regardless of topic, includes separate tabulations of data for U.S.-born and foreign-born Hispanics. Research on immigration focuses on the unauthorized population, overall trends in immigration and public attitudes towards immigrants and immigration policy.

Also see our statistical portraits, state and county databases, demographic profiles and Census 2010 tables for data on the characteristics of the Latino and foreign-born populations in the United States.

ReportsNovember 27, 2018

U.S. Unauthorized Immigrant Total Dips to Lowest Level in a Decade

Number from Mexico continues to decline, while Central America is the only growing region

ReportsOctober 25, 2018

More Latinos Have Serious Concerns About Their Place in America Under Trump

About half say situation for U.S. Hispanics has worsened over the past year; majority worry that they or someone they know could be deported

InteractivesSeptember 14, 2018

2016, Foreign-Born Population in the United States Statistical Portrait

Statistical portrait of the foreign-born population in the United States

Pew Research CenterSeptember 9, 2018

2018 National Survey of Latinos

2018 National Survey of Latinos
Field dates: 07/26/18 – 09/09/18
Respondents: Nationally representative sample of 1,501 Latinos ages 18 and older.
Margin of Error: +/- 3.1 percentage points at the 95% confidence interval.

This survey focused on the 2018 elections, economics, politics, immigrant integration, discrimination and immigration policy.