May 8, 2008

Hispanic Women in the United States, 2007

II. Demographics


Hispanic women are much younger than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

Country of Birth

Most immigrant Hispanic women in the U.S. were born in Mexico.

Year of Entry

The majority of immigrant Hispanic women have arrived since 1990.


Immigrant Hispanic women, especially those from Mexico, are less likely than immigrant women from other parts of the world to be naturalized citizens.


English-speaking ability among Hispanic women varies greatly by nativity.

Marital Status

Foreign-born Hispanic women are more likely than native-born Hispanic and non-Hispanic women to be married.


The fertility rate of Hispanic women is considerably higher than that of non-Hispanic women. Immigrant Hispanic women have higher fertility rates than native-born Hispanic women.


Foreign-born Hispanic women are much less likely than native-born Hispanic women to have a high school diploma or a college education.

Health Insurance Coverage

Hispanic women, especially immigrant Hispanic women, are much less likely to have health insurance than non-Hispanic women.

  1. The fertility rate is defined as the number of women ages 15 to 44 per 1,000 women that age who reported having a child in the 12-month period prior to the survey. These data are from the 2006 American Community Survey, which was conducted from January through December 2006.