Educational outcomes differ between native-born and immigrant Latinos and between Latinos and other racial and ethnic groups. Measuring those differences and the factors that produce them are critical to understanding the Latino future. The project’s research focuses on trends in school enrollment and educational attainment.

Also see our statistical portraits, state and county databases, demographic profiles and Census 2010 tables for data on the characteristics of the Latino and foreign-born populations in the United States.

Pew Research CenterDec 15, 2005

The Occupational Status and Mobility of Hispanics

Hispanics and whites perform different types of work in the labor market. Moreover, the occupational divide between the two largest segments of the labor force appears to be widening.

Pew Research CenterNov 1, 2005

The High Schools Hispanics Attend

Size and Other Key Characteristics

Pew Research CenterNov 1, 2005

The Higher Drop-Out Rate of Foreign-Born Teens

The Role of Schooling Abroad

Pew Research CenterNov 1, 2005

Recent Changes in the Entry of Hispanic and White Youth into College

In addition to longstanding concerns over high school completion, policymakers are increasingly focused on disparities in outcomes between Hispanic and white college students.

Pew Research CenterJan 24, 2005

Hispanics: A People in Motion

Hispanic Trends